We use agile methodologies to allow us to flexibly


At Samran Technologies we follow Agile for all our design and development projects because we have found that our clients enjoy its flexible approach to project management


Agile is a time-boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from the start of the project instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end.

It works by splitting the work into chunks of user functionality and then continuously delivering them in short cycles called sprints. It has an emphasis on collaboration and clear communication.

At Samran Technologies we combine this with Kanban boards, which allows you track the progress of the project from start to finish.

With over 15 years experience delivering everything from e-commerce to websites to mobile apps and software integration, we have built a great reputation for developing high-quality digital solutions for a diverse range of clients from around the world.

With our use of the Agile methodology, your own project manager to guide you through the design and development process, as well as our first class support and maintenance packages, you can be sure that your digital project will go from strength to strength.

To find out how Samran Technologies and Agile can help you and your business, call 0207 043 0870, email winston.veerender@samrantech.com or to the use contact form, click here